Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Newbie on the Desk

I am a little bit exhausted today. Aside from we are short staff, I was also training a newly hired frontdesk agent. Of course, the to-do or must-learn frontdesk list is long and I have to discuss everything to him since he never work in any Hilton properties before. He doesn't have an idea on the system that Hilton hotels are using so I have to start from scratch. Since he was working before in another hotel so the hospitality industry is not totally a stranger to him. He is used to dealing people from all walks of life and to take care of all the demands of the guest. Tomorrow will be his second day in the frontdesk as a frontdesk agent trainee and I hope everything will go on smoothly. It is not easy to train someone in the same way that it is not easy to grasp everything that he needs to know. I'd been into it and I know it is difficult at first but if you take it as a challenge then it will drive you to learn more and explore more.

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