Friday, August 29, 2008

How Prepared Are We for Hurricane Gustav?

States near the Gulf of Mexico (e.g. Texas, Louisiana, New Orleans, etc.) are very busy preparing everything to make sure everyone is ready and the destruction Hurricane Gustav brings will be minimized. In fact, residents of New Orleans are now ordered to evacuate their places and houses. Most of them flock to North Texas while Hurricane Gustav is getting nearer at the Gulf of Mexico. Everyone is being cooperative in the evacuation order because everyone tries to avoid losing thousands of lives like what happened 3 years ago with Hurricane Katrina. North Texas shelters and even hotels are getting ready for the huge number of evacuees expected to drive all the way here. Like you, I am hoping that the expected strength of Hurricane Gustav will lessen to avoid huge structural damages and lost of lives. America, join us in our prayer.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Take a Look at Your Electricity Bill

To all business owner, make sure you do your all your business honestly and fairly. Well, you might be wondering why I said this. Unfortunately, we had a very bad experience with our electric company provider. I still remember that hubby and I were on a very good mood; happily sharing experiences and views with our respective job until he decided to check our mailbox. Just when he enters our room I knew already that there was something wrong. I had the perception that he got a bad news from one of our mails. Of all, I never expect that it has to do with our electricity bill. In the past few days, I had seen a lot of news regarding questionably high electric bill charged to the consumers. Today, we just realized we (hubby and I) are one of the victims of this unfair business. Their claim was they increased by 3 cents per KWH which we really don't care since that increase isn't very big. Our (hubby and I) concern has to do with the around 35% increase in our KWH consumption compared to the past 2 months. Who will not go crazy when you had an additional 500 KWH for this month compared to last month and there was nothing added to your appliances and no one is around the house in the morning since we (hubby and I) are both working. Now, tell me why I should not be crazy about it. Oh, the 1 hour time I spent on hold just to get hold of a manager/supervisor of First Power Choice (our electricity provider) triggers more of my anger and frustration. Hubby and I do our Math and we had concluded that indeed there was wrong in the meter reading. Tomorrow we will call them again and present them our computations. We also agreed to have our meter re-read and if proven that the meter reading was wrong then it will be my time to shine... LOL... They just have to wait...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Newbie on the Desk

I am a little bit exhausted today. Aside from we are short staff, I was also training a newly hired frontdesk agent. Of course, the to-do or must-learn frontdesk list is long and I have to discuss everything to him since he never work in any Hilton properties before. He doesn't have an idea on the system that Hilton hotels are using so I have to start from scratch. Since he was working before in another hotel so the hospitality industry is not totally a stranger to him. He is used to dealing people from all walks of life and to take care of all the demands of the guest. Tomorrow will be his second day in the frontdesk as a frontdesk agent trainee and I hope everything will go on smoothly. It is not easy to train someone in the same way that it is not easy to grasp everything that he needs to know. I'd been into it and I know it is difficult at first but if you take it as a challenge then it will drive you to learn more and explore more.

Monday, August 25, 2008

08-08-08 Olympics Has Come to an End

Tonight, the grandest 2008 Beijing Olympics has come to an end. Just like the opening program, the closing ceremony was once again became the best way for Chinese people to show their creativity and their masterpiece as a nation. Of course, the most awaited fireworks was never been out of the picture. The Olympics torch that remains on lighted while the games were on the run has is now not lit. The biggest 08-08-08 Olympics hosted by the Chinese people turned out very successful. In four years, the whole world will have their eyes set in London for the 2o12 Olympics.

New Gymnast Hero

Nastia Luikin received a warm welcome from her fans and thankful Americans for giving the US honor at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. She brought home 5 medals from Beijing including her gold medal that she received when she won the All Around competition in gymnastics. Her fans were waiting for her at Terminal B of the DFW airport where she was scheduled to arrive. Nastia was very much overwhelmed with the love and support that she receives from her fellow Texans. She was also met by none other than the Mayor of Parker, Texas.
Congratulations once again Nastia!

Raining Opps

What a pleasant surprise! Yes, I was so thrilled to see the many opportunities that PPP made available tonight to their bloggers. I even planned to sleep early but since I found out that there are couple of opportunities available for my blogs tonight so I decided to hit the keyboard prior to sleeping. In contrary, hubby is already sleeping right now beside me since all the opps for his blog are already gray. I do hope, am sure he does too, that his blog will be blessed with a PR the next time the big G will shower PRs in the blogosphere. I hate to see that hubby looks frustrated for having no PR since he works hard for his blog also. Anyway, got to stop here for now, I have to go back to triple Ps website and do a living. hehehe... Goodnight everyone!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Olympics Addict!

I got home from work at 11PM since I worked second shift today. I bet you are expecting me to go to sleep. Well, that what happened before but not when the Beijing Olympics has started. hahaha... I think you guys know what I mean. Yes, I always stay awake even until the very wee hours of the morning to watch the games. Swimming, Volleyball, Basketball and of course Gymnastics are just few of my favorites and most awaited events. Tonight, is not an exception. Here I am still awake watching the games.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin for Another 1-2 in Gymnastics


Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin proved their worth as a world class gymnast after winning gold and silver medals in the beam final competition held last night in the Beijing Olympics. Both of them gave an outstanding performace giving only China the chance to win the bronze. If you remember, couple of days ago, Liukin and Johnson made it 1 and 2 by winning gold and silver at the floor exercise finals. Just like Michael Phelps, these two young ladies are also making their names in the gymnastics. Kudos to Johnson and Liukin!

Nastia Liukin and Shawn Johnson hugs each other after the balance-beam final competition.


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Who's On the Lead of Beijing Olympics?

Right now, team USA is already on the lead of the 2008 Beijing Olympics medal count as of August 17, 2008. However, China is still on the lead in the gold medal count. I know I am a Filipino but since I didn't see my home country on the top of the medal list, that is why my first bet of course is the USA. I know it will be difficult but I hope the team USA will be able to beat the China not only in the total medal count but also in the total number of gold medals.
Here is the latest tabulation of the medal count showing the top three of the list.

Gold Silver Bronze Total

1. China 27 13 9 49
2. USA 17 18 22 57
3. Germany 9 5 5 19

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Truly, Age Doesn't Matter!

At 41 years old, Dara Torres becomes the oldest swimmer to hit the Water Cube at the Beijing Olympics, but she proved many times that he can swim as fast, if not faster than the swimmers that are more than half of his age. Tonight, she finished silver medal with the 50-m freestyle final which she lost to Britta Steffen of Germany. It was a very sad lost because there was only a one-hundredth difference in time. Steffen finished at 24.06 while Torres end her swim at 24.07. Actually, the same story happened between Phelps and Cavic (of Serbia) last night which resulted to Phelps 7th gold medal. Although, Torres result didn't turn out the same with Phelps but to the heart of Americans, she is still a champion!

Take a look at Torres expression upon knowing that Steffen only won by one-hudredth time difference.