Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Obama Vs. McCain: Who Will Make It to White House?

Borack Obama has finally clinched the Democratic party's presidential race. Yes, after getting a 2,119 votes, Obama has finally reached the peak of his political career. So far, this is the highest level of candidacy he ever reached in his entire career in the government. Last night, a thanksgiving rally has been set by Borack Obama's supporter as a sign of their celebration for the big victory. Obama's supporters had gathered last night for the big celebration.

President Bush has already congratulated him for the big win. He is now the official Democrat candidate for the incoming presidential election against McCain. On the other hand, McCain had acknowledged Borack Obama last night as his presidential race opponent.

Now everything is official and each party has already a respective candidate for White House. Now the question is who will make his first step in the White House stairs?

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DanaDebbie said...

For me sis, I don't care whoever wins, kasi I'm not qualified to vote pa naman, hehe. According to Kevin, there's no good candidates this year, and whoever wins, what's the difference? It's still the same...

Btw, have you seen the latest video of Obama where he mentioned about 57states? LOL... That was really funny! I was wondering what are those 7 other states of America! Toink!!!