Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Silent Days

I am on the first day of my three-day off from work. Supposedly, I should be happy I know but I am not because hubby isn't here. He is on a business trip again for three days. He will be gone in the next three days and I feel very lonely. I could have go with him but I will only be in the hotel during their meeting plus it will just be an additional unnecessary expenses. Yes, we are free hotel stay and food but not with air fare and other expenses and I would prefer to save the money. K-U-R-I-P-O-T? I don't think so, just being practical.

So since I will just be in the house in the next three days, except that most of the times I will be in front of the computer fishing for any "fish (oppss)"; hopefully big ones to cover up my lost in the past days when I was very busy. Well, if my friends will pick me up in the house so we might as well end up gathering in our other friend's house which is 25 minutes away.
Until here, I am going to park my keyboard now as I am still sleepy so I will sneak back to bed.

Just want to leave this for everyone: G-O-O-D M-O-R-N-I-N-G!!!!


kerslyn said...

hello sis! just have a great time...sayang d nga kayo makapag-bonding ng hubby mo.

4ever7 said...

Sometimes I could be a kuripot as well, but it's for my own good...