Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I am Excited; It Shows

I am now very excited for Thursday to come. Ooppss... I absolutely didn't win lotto nor have I a big date coming. I also didn't have a concert to do; I am fully-booked as of the moment..LOL.. I wish I am a singer by profession, I love singing; the music. We will not go yet to our vacation. I am not so sure if my new laptop will be delivered at that time, so that is not the reason.

Actually, I will only be at the house on Thursday. I will be with my computer and of course with my blogs. That is the big reason why I am happy. I will have more time blogging. So, do you have a guess now why I am very excited for Thursday? You nail it! Yes, it will be my DAY OFF!

How about you? What makes you excited in the next couple of days? I am certain there is...

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