Thursday, May 29, 2008

Feel Refreshed

After a series of hot weather, I would say I love our weather today. It is just perfect for me. It wasn't too hot. Maybe, this is due to the sun is like a bulb that was turn on and off in the sky at certain intervals. I feel contented with just the ceiling fan giving me a refreshing air. I felt relieved already with just the fan unlike last week when I need to turn on the AC.

Just like what my friend told me, I should not open the window during daytime so that hot air outside can't get inside. I guess it was a big mistake in the past couple of days when I left the windows opened even on the broad daylight when the sunlight is too extreme. I bet she is right because it air remains colder inside the house when the windows aren’t open.

1 comment:

Bianca said...

hmm bitaw ay nindot kaau rong adlawa..ganiha ga swimming me nahan kaau ko kay di kaau init ang adlaw...musta ka diha gwaps? labay lang ko diri