Monday, May 26, 2008


Our temperature is still to no avail. Everyday it seems like we are getting hotter and hotter here. It is understandable considering that we are already on our way to summer but never thought it will be this to have a temperature close to 100F.

Oh, yeah, our highest temperature of the day is already close to 100F. As a matter of fact, if you are going to consider the heat index, we had already reached 100F many times because of our high humidity content. Yes, it is correct. Two days ago, our temperature was 96F but it feels like 105F due to high humidity content.

I keep complaining these days about the hotness here. Yeah, I know I come from a tropical country but at least there if you are going out and sit down under a shade of the tree the breeze is refreshing. In here, oh yeah, better not to open your windows or go out coz it is hotter outside. If it is sun bathing time, of course, you will need this extreme sunlight distribution.

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mahendra said...

ya, its true that everyday is gettin hotter it caused by impact of un suintainable development, forest burning, transportation etc, also said that sea level increased every year, so what we must do ?