Sunday, May 18, 2008

Busy Morning at Work

My two day short-vacation is over. Today, I went back to work. I was blessed because it wasn't so busy but since there were two of us in the Front Desk in the morning; my manager asked me if I could help the hostess in the dining area to look after if everything is taking cared of during our free-buffet breakfast. The hostess and the "dining people" need reinforcement since we had 90 junior high school students in house today. They were here for a school tour and at the same time to participate in the battle of the band held in one of the cities here.

At first, it was very quiet in the dining area but when the 90 students including their chaperones went done and ate, the area turned out into a noisy and very busy place... It was very busy... One of my managers even asked me if I am okay to help them there because I look so tired already early morning. It was the noise that I can't bear. I get easily irritated with so much noise. Well, who isn't?

Oh well, everything turned out good and everyone receives compliment from guests and management. It was my first experience to be in the dining area during breakfast or even dinner and my experience was great! When the kids left the hotel, I also went back to the Front Desk.

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