Thursday, May 15, 2008

Blog Day

Today is my "blog day"! Do you know why? No, actually it is just my own way of giving my blogs credits that is why I make sure that once or twice a week I am full-time with them. I have to take care of them and I have to respond to the messages that my fellow bloggers left here. Most of all, I need to watch the generous triple P's for the possible fishes that they are giving today. I hope they will be generous again today just like on Monday.

Yes, if you guys don't know what happened at triple P's on Monday, let me tell you. They gave a lot of big paying opportunities requiring only big Real Rank, no PR; some don't require tack rating and no Alexa. Those opps are blessings to those bloggers whose blogs are victim of sudden PR removal. At least the kind-hearted advertisers are thinking of them because even if we admit it or not there are a lot of good blogs out there that deserve to have a PR in their site.

Hopefully the big boss will notice them on the next update. Yours truly are also hoping to get a PR in this blog and in my MJ's Hurrah in the next update. If given even a PR1, I would be very happy about it. Well, much more of it is bigger than that. LOL.. Why not?

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Mira said...

Hi MJ tks for this info its good to know. I only blog at night when my son is in bed already. It's hard to keep up, and I end up always staying up so late till early morning. I'm blessed to grab task here and there. I have a blog with PR2 but it went down from PR3. Hopefully my hardwork pays off too! Have a great weekend.
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