Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Passion for Flowers

Wherever I go and if ever I am very tired, seeing flowers or being surrounded with flowers make my day brighter and lighter. I can't explain the wonderful feeling I feel every time I see flowers or be given one.

This is supposed to be a secret but I am sharing this. Receiving flowers or/with chocolates are one of my weaknesses. That is why, I guess (don't tell my husband, okay? hehehe), he was forced or obliged (hehehe) to send flowers and a couple of times with chocolates before when I was in the Philippines. hehehe... I made it clear to him before that I do lover flowers and I can't resist the charm of chocolates especially the ones with almonds... Darn, I do love those kinds of chocolates.... Hubby sometimes get on me for eating chocolates often... It's not healthy you know and not good for the weight... hahaha... winks :-)

Anyway, this flower was taken during our zoo trip.

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