Saturday, April 5, 2008

Miss Beach Time with Mom

It is almost a year now that I haven't been to the shore; I certainly am missing the sea already. I miss walking in the sand bare foot. I miss soaking my feet with the water when I feel like not swimming yet. I miss building sand castle with my friends or cousins or my Mom. I miss those times that my Mom will bury me in the sand and help me get out from the sand when the water is almost near. After that we will go swimming because it was already high tide.

In most cases, my Mom and I went to the beach without bringing food from the house. Since it is just me and her, we just opted to buy bread, chips and soda and bring it in the shore. There was a store just across the white sand so there wasn't a problem. Going to beach is one of Mom and I bonding when I went spent a weekend in the house.

I was studying and working before in the city which is around 3 hours away by bus from my parents' house. I miss those times spent by me with my Mom. This is one of the reasons why the beach is very important to me. Mom and I spent a lot of wonderful hours there either telling my stories or hers. I can't wait to visit them!

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