Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fiesta Months In the Philippines

If only I have a power, I would have fly now to the Philippines so that I will be there a couple of days before our community's fiesta. My fellow Pinays/Pinoys here know how fiesta is celebrated in the Philippines. In most cases, "lechon" or roast pig is never out in the table of most houses. Well, I don't know if it will still apply this year since it is very crisis in the Philippines.

As for us, I already sent a small contribution to our parents because my aunties and uncles are coming over so it means we need to prepare something. "Chip-in2x (hati-hati)" as what most of us calls it. Mama really persuades me to go home but I told her I really can't do it this year since it wasn't in the plan. We have planned to visit them at this time of the year next year. Hopefully, everything is good so this plan will be pursue.

Well, April and May months are fiestas months in the Philippines so I will expect a lot of my fellow Pinays/Pinoys will be talking on this matter.


Babette said...

Hi Marie, I miss the fiestas in the Philippines too. Somehow the fiestas in the provinces are much more fun than those in Manila where I grew up. I like going to my mom's hometown, Dapitan City in Zamboanga del Norte.

Btw, sure lets xlinks. I'll add u, let me know if u've got other links. Mine are:

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lira said...

mingaw ko sa fiesta da

retchel said...

oi our fiesta too was April 5th..
anyway, passing by here sis...see yah..

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Ozy said...

We don't go hati-hati for lechon, we take turns buying it every time we have a get-together. That way if you don't show up, you don't get anything! :D

Marie said...

thanks for dropping by Ozy...what I mean by hati-hati or chip-in for the lechon is that my brother and I contributed some amount for the fiesta preparation because some relatives and friends are expected to come... brother and his family live in the city so he doesn't need to prepare anything for the fiesta... thanks again for dropping by...