Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My 10th Month in the USA

Time flies so fast. Clocks are ticking so secretly that I was amazed when I realized how many months I am in the US already. Two days ago marked my 10 month of living here in the US. Going back, I arrived in San Francisco on the afternoon of May 10 and my first step in Texas happened at the dawn of May 11 @ around 1:00AM. May 10 comes and I will be a year here. So far, everything is good. Things are slowly settling on their proper places. Hopefully, things will go on smoothly. I know there is always a problem along the way but I hope it will be just too minimal. Well, if a detour will happen, I hope I can manage it as what usually happened before.


julai said...

yeheyyy koy unang bisita diri marie..hehhehe..but can i call u ate instead?kay as in kumawan man ko mag marie lng..i want u to be one of my ates kung ok lng.heheh..

kindly add my blogs here ate and I'll also add this to my blogs.thanks ate..keep on blogging.

Rosemarie said...

wow another blog i'll add this later marie