Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I Decided to Start this Blog on Own Domain

I made it! Yes, finally today I was able to transfer this blog to my own domain. I actually bought my domain yesterday and have it set up this morning. After few minutes, I went back to my account and there I saw that my domain is already ready. I went to my Blogger account and switch my blog. So, here we go, this blog with new domain is born! I just realize that it is best for me and this blog to start this on its own domain so what happened with the stats of my Sweet Lullaby and Buzzing Around blogs won't happened here.

To everyone, I want to link exchange with you. Just drop me a message. Thanks!

1 comment:

jazevox said...

congrats Marie! added you already in both my HonestlyFRESH and PlantingDIARY. hope that you can add both blogs here too!