Monday, March 31, 2008

I am Done Hibernating

As you notice guys, I have been out in the blogosphere for two days. There wasn't serious that happened to me. I was very lazy to face the computer and I felt there was nothing that I can squeeze out from my brain. The latter is just an alibi, right? The bottomline is I was just really L-A-Z-Y!!!

To everyone who has been so nice to this new baby bloggie of mine, to all of you who added this to your blogroll, THANK YOU SO MUCH. I swear tomorrow I will make sure everyone here will be added in my blogroll. I felt so bad that I wasn't able to do it right away. I tried to update the URL of my blogs one at a time. I thought I will be able to finish the 3 blogrolls but I am out of time already. It is already 15 minutes before 1:00AM so I need to sleep now because I will still work very early tomorrow.

Good night everyone and see you all tomorrow!!!

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Ivy Sterling said...

it happens to me sometimes, usahay mo gawas ang ka tapulan nato oi..hmm di sad bya ni lalim mag cge huna huna ug unsa ika update sa blog no?niways got u tag my waffs pren